Hello Monday, you fun, great, creative, impactful, special, favourite, moon day!

Hello Monday supports future-minded founders and leaders with building thriving and authentic organizations that are ready for the 21st century.

We offer you a fresh look at your organizational approach and help you look at new ways to build an advanced culture, based on your strategy, vision and preferred working style.

Let’s leave outdated organizational structures behind. It’s time to explore the future of work; it’s time to say Hello to Monday.

About you

About you

Inspiring leader

You are future-minded and share our vision that work should be meaningful and fun. You want to create the company that you always dreamt of, and you want to be a visionary leader and an inspiration for others.

Allergy for numbers instead of names

You are allergic to dusty 9 to 5 office jobs, grey suits, unhappy and tired faces, 13 in a dozen team members, numbers instead of names. In short: outdated business structures, that make you want to make a difference and create something you believe in instead.

High-fives and great results

You want high-fives, happy and authentic people who love their jobs. You want great outcomes to be the result of a great team that feels motivated and inspired. You want to build a company where people love to work and where they say Hello to Monday.

You want to change and embrace the future of work – you say Hello to Monday

We are here to help you do so
About you

What we offer

We provide tailor-made Consulting Services on the intersection of Organizational Strategy and People and Culture. We work closely together, dig in deep into your strategy and vision, and design solutions that fit your unique business needs. Through a mix of organizational design, strategic advice, implementation, program management, and people processes we help you to create a modern- day organization, optimized for your success.

Consultancy / Strategic advice

We support your leadership team with strategic advice and consultancy on the intersection of People and Culture, and Organizational design and - development. From 1 -month programs to ongoing support through the full lifecycle of your company.

Program / Project Management

When facing specific obstacles or challenging projects we offer program- and project management. We will be involved in your companies’ project team, we will bring our specific expertise to the table and make sure that your project moves forward.

Full support teams

We work with international partners and handpicked experts from different backgrounds and expertise. So whatever the scope of your project might be, we can build a team assembled according to the specifics of each project and challenge.

Inspiration and Community

Let’s explore the future of work together. We inspire your audience with an inspirational talk, we collect best practices on the Future of Work and share them with our Hello Monday Club Community, and we provide mentorships through our selected partners.
Say Hello to the future of work, say Hello to Monday
Say hello to us!
What we offer

Our story

The future of work is already here and comes in many forms and shapes. Modern organizational concepts, such as remote working, distributed teams, self-managing teams, egoless companies, value-based cultures, impact-driven companies and more, is what gets us excited.

We love to explore them, together with our clients. And we are here to guide and support you with shaping them to your specific needs.

We are a boutique consultancy agency that exclusively works with clients and partners that share our vision on work and organization.

We believe that change starts with reflection. Reflecting the past, current structures, your business, team and goals. Hello Monday embraces the ancient Moon day; the day of reflection, enabling you to explore and change the future of work – within your company and beyond.

Make Monday the day of new beginnings, fresh energy, high fives, team spirit, personal growth, great ideas, and inspiring talks. Transform the Monday-Sighs, into Monday-High’s. Let’s say Hello to Monday.

Let’s say Hello to Monday
Our story
About our founder

About our founder

During my years of working in corporate HR, I learned many valuable things about organizations, but also I realized that corporate structures are no longer valid in the 21st century. Looking for better ways, I embarked on a journey of exploring the future of work. A journey that became the foundation of Hello Monday.

I am on a mission to guide people out of Plato’s’ cave to show them a new reality, where they are free from structures that keep us small. Where they no longer dread Mondays but are excited to make an impact, to connect and to grow. I truly feel and believe that I am here to shape the future of work and therefore contribute to a better world, and I love to do this together with you.

Angelique Slob, Founder.

This is how I started exploring the future of work
About us

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How we changed the Monday for others

At Hole19 we were at a point where we had to redefine our core values & purpose. We brought Angelique in to help uncover this through a team session and kick-start the process of our Culture Team. It was a very productive session and our Core Values and Purpose are now an integral part of our hiring process and day-to-day activities within the company.

Anthony Douglas | Hole19

I started to lose the overall mission of my projects over the course of the time. Angelique stepped in and brought me back on track. During her program, we could shape an even stronger vision and show the team for what it`s worth to fight for. She revealed bottlenecks that got completely neglected and reinforced our purpose.

Florian Hübner | Founder, Startup Creator, Berlin

Took me a while to find the right answer to Angelique’s simple question. But a few days later it inspired me so much during one of those pricing discussions that usually go wild in a startup environment. Amazing!

Francisco Besso | Investor and Founder and CEO of Tripwix, Lisbon

In just one session we were able to see which people and partners do align to my business and which not. The result of the work we did is that I am clear on my mission and know exactly what people will help me develop my business and which not.

Ute Klingelhöfer | Founder and CEO, Contentwerk, Germany

It was very useful, pleasant and inspiring to work with Angelique in preparing the agenda for our annual team meeting. I especially liked her input for our workshop to create our ultimate transformative purpose with the team. Angelique contributed to our best team event since founding.

Michael Rohmeder | CEO and Founder of Equippo, Netherlands/Switserland

We hired Angelique as our “partner in The Future of Work” and she worked with us in the crucial 6 months after raising our first funding round, and helped us with the many phases we passed through during that time. Amongst others, she has been supporting us with setting up our hiring and onboarding processes as well as providing resources to decide on our company’s core values. Angelique added value with her combined expertise in HR, Organizational culture, and her practical and scientific experience with remote working.

Arthur Nobel | Flexpat

It’s amazing the remarkable work that Angelique is doing and that helped us a lot in managing our team, especially at an early stage. I say this because when you don’t have money or structure to create an attractive ecosystem for your team the only thing that you can sell them is the Culture.

Antonio Trincão | Youcanevent

I believe the project has gone very well and we reached an amazingly good and coherent set of values shared by everyone in the organization. The result obtained in the definition of values and purpose demonstrated a great alignment of all employees, having largely exceeded our expectations regarding the values of Tagusgás.

Miguel Henriques | Tagusgas
Startup Creator
Tripwix Travel
Exploring the future of work

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