Hello Monday, you fun, great, creative, impactful, special, favourite, moon day!

We have entered a new era, and we need to rethink the way we work.

Tech companies need brilliant ideas, not machines. And today’s workforce has different, and changing needs.

This calls for leaders to to lead their company through changing times, towards a better future.

A future, that is optimised for innovation and for the people. A future, where People Say Hello to Monday.

We teach, inspire, challenge, guide and empower Business- and HR leaders to redefine work and organisational designs.

We enable them to lead and drive the change towards a long-term, strategic advantage for their companies.

We invite you to join the Hello Monday Club.

Let’s co-create a new world of work, optimised for innovation and the needs of today’s workforce.

Leaders Need to Drive Change

Leaders Need to Drive Change

We need Future of Work Catalysts

Real change only happens when people leave their deep-rooted management paradigm, create cultures of trust, understand why empowering is important.

We believe in empowering and enabling leaders, stakeholders, but also the girl next door to become change-drivers who will all take part in shaping the Future of Work.

Creating Strategic Advantage

Our clients are forward thinking leaders who want to create a strategic advantage by optimising their organisation for both innovation and the needs of their talents. They recognise the need to create a better future – for better business results.

Empowered and Learning Organisations

Our clients are looking to build empowered and learning organisations, where talents are part of the solution. We enable companies to shape their unique future of work in a way that fits their vision and strategy.

We are here to help you do so
Leaders Need to Drive Change

What we offer

We teach, inspire, challenge, guide and empower Business- and HR leaders to redefine work and organisational designs and embrace new ways of working We enable them to lead and drive the change towards a long-term, strategic advantage for their companies. Our programs are based on academic research and best practises, and are both effective and impactful. We believe in enabling change and creating a movement.

Organisational Design

We support leadership teams with strategic consultancy to help them redefine work and translate business strategies to effective organisational designs.

Mastermind: Leading HR in a Changed World

A 12 month Mastermind group enabling HR leaders to lead the strategic discussion and drive change towards new ways of working. A unique combination of working with a leading expert and the chance to reflect with vetted peers from around the world.

Leadership Program: Leading in a Changed World

We provide you with Remote-Friendly People policies, we offer expertise as Remote Employee Experience experts, or we coach your People Team for ongoing success and transformation

Workshops and Keynotes

We inspire audiences or companies with a talk or workshop - sharing our findings and giving practical tools to open up the conversation to drive change.
Say Hello to the future of work, say Hello to Monday
Say hello to us!
What we offer

Our story

The future of work is already here and comes in many forms and shapes. Modern organizational concepts, such as remote working, distributed teams, self-managing teams, egoless companies, value-based cultures, impact-driven companies and more, is what gets us excited.

We love to explore them, together with our clients. And we are here to guide and support you with shaping them to your specific needs.

We are a boutique consultancy agency that exclusively works with clients and partners that share our vision on work and organization.

Make Monday the day of new beginnings, fresh energy, high fives, team spirit, personal growth, great ideas, and inspiring talks. Transform the Monday-Sighs, into Monday-High’s. Let’s say Hello to Monday.

Let’s say Hello to Monday
Our story
About our founder

About our founder

Angelique is a People and Culture strategist and the founder of Hello Monday Club. Previously, Angelique worked in high-profile companies as an HR executive. In 2007, she got involved in The New Way of Working, a Dutch movement for building flexible workplaces. She left the corporate world and to further fulfill her mission to bring more freedom to the workplace. Combining 15 years of HR and Change management, a solid academic background in Organizational Sociology, and experience with (remote) tech companies, she is one of the most seasoned experts in her field.

This is how I started exploring the future of work
About us

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How we changed the Monday for others

At Hole19 we were at a point where we had to redefine our core values & purpose. We brought Angelique in to help uncover this through a team session and kick-start the process of our Culture Team. It was a very productive session and our Core Values and Purpose are now an integral part of our hiring process and day-to-day activities within the company.

Anthony Douglas | Hole19

I started to lose the overall mission of my projects over the course of the time. Angelique stepped in and brought me back on track. During her program, we could shape an even stronger vision and show the team for what it`s worth to fight for. She revealed bottlenecks that got completely neglected and reinforced our purpose.

Florian Hübner | Founder, Startup Creator, Berlin

Took me a while to find the right answer to Angelique’s simple question. But a few days later it inspired me so much during one of those pricing discussions that usually go wild in a startup environment. Amazing!

Francisco Besso | Investor and Founder and CEO of Tripwix, Lisbon

In just one session we were able to see which people and partners do align to my business and which not. The result of the work we did is that I am clear on my mission and know exactly what people will help me develop my business and which not.

Ute Klingelhöfer | Founder and CEO, Contentwerk, Germany

It was very useful, pleasant and inspiring to work with Angelique in preparing the agenda for our annual team meeting. I especially liked her input for our workshop to create our ultimate transformative purpose with the team. Angelique contributed to our best team event since founding.

Michael Rohmeder | CEO and Founder of Equippo, Netherlands/Switserland

We hired Angelique as our “partner in The Future of Work” and she worked with us in the crucial 6 months after raising our first funding round, and helped us with the many phases we passed through during that time. Amongst others, she has been supporting us with setting up our hiring and onboarding processes as well as providing resources to decide on our company’s core values. Angelique added value with her combined expertise in HR, Organizational culture, and her practical and scientific experience with remote working.

Arthur Nobel | Flexpat

It’s amazing the remarkable work that Angelique is doing and that helped us a lot in managing our team, especially at an early stage. I say this because when you don’t have money or structure to create an attractive ecosystem for your team the only thing that you can sell them is the Culture.

Antonio Trincão | Youcanevent

I believe the project has gone very well and we reached an amazingly good and coherent set of values shared by everyone in the organization. The result obtained in the definition of values and purpose demonstrated a great alignment of all employees, having largely exceeded our expectations regarding the values of Tagusgás.

Miguel Henriques | Tagusgas
Startup Creator
Tripwix Travel
Exploring the future of work

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