FAQ Hello Monday Club Pro-Membership


How does the Hello Monday Club Pro-Membership work?


By joining as a Hello Monday Club Pro-Member, you will automatically get access to your own dedicated Leadership Circle. These circles are small Mastermind groups – where we can proudly say the magic happens.

On top of having your own group, you will also get acces to the overall Hello Monday Club Network, our events, mentors and resources.


What results will I get from joining?


You will be making a shift in mindset and attitude. You will strengthen your leadership skills and your position as a Future of Work leader in your company. We are here to make sure you help your company to make better decisions, create more effective and sustainable organisational strategies and find the best solutions for your new challenges around new ways of working.


What kind of people will be part of my Leadership Circle?


We, as hosts and expert facilitators, ensure both the quality of the members as well as the quality of the sessions.

We select the members of the Circles based based on role, industry and seniority. On top of that, we make sure each cohort is a great fit on the level of mind-set and personalities – after all, this will be your support group for the next year, and often Circle members become close business friends.


Can I first join a session before signing up?


We are building dedicated, high quality groups of people who are committed to work together for the course of a year. Therefor we require new members to sign up before we place them in a Leadership Circle. In case a new member feels the group is not a fit for them after all, we’ll find a place in another group or refund you.


What times and dates are the monthly sessions?

Our sessions mostly happen during business hours in the PM in European timezone or AM in the Americas, usually on Friday’s.


I am pretty overwhelmed lately, I am not sure if I can commit to this?


Joining the HR Mastermind will be a great investment that will help you reduce stress, overwhelm and improve your work-life balance.


It is like meditating, if you feel you are too busy to do it, you will need it most.


Your group will keep you on track and the work you do will give you the support you need for better decision making and will help you save time.


Your time investment is around 2 hours per month for your group session. Besides that, we encourage exchange and participation in our community platform, plus you have access to events and the resources in the private community platform. A very active member will spend 3 – 4 hours a month on the network, max.


What if I can’t join all sessions?


The true value is in joining the sessions live but in case you miss a session, a recording is available in your Leadership Circle membership workspace.


I am just switching roles, does it make sense for me to join Hello Monday Club?


If your new role will come with a People and Organizational responsibility and / or if you feel it is important to develop your Future of Work Leadership skills we would recommend you to join – especially!


Joining is truly is an asset and adds to what you already have achieved.


However – we know that switching roles sometimes do not leave a lot of mind space, so if you feel like it is better to first get settled in your new role, we’d rather welcome you for our next cohort.


Is this a subscription and can I cancel anytime?


It is not a subscription – rather a yearly membership fee.


We expect our members to commit to building relationship and learning from and with their peers, and getting real result in their organisation for at least a year.


In the rare case a member decides it is not a fit after joining, we are happy to refund their money within the first 30 days of the membership.


Should this be covered by my L&D budget?


Many of our members initially feel the membership fee should come out of their personal L&D budget, however we believe it might make more sense to look into other organisational or project budgets as well.


Many companies have a budget available for the post-pandemic workplace transformation and support in that process – and that is exactly what you’ll get by becoming a member.


Remind your budget holder that joining this network you will be getting feedback and support in finding the best solutions for your companies’ challenges – on top of the professional development that will increase your performance.


Some of our members have been able to use un-used conference budgets since on-site conferences are been cancelled during pandemic times – and keeping up on industry developments never has been more important!


Will I get an invoice?


Yes, after signing up you will receive an invoice with the payment details.