Future of Work Demo Day Recap

Over the last moths, we have learned a lot about the most pressing challenges the members of Hello Monday Club Community face and, because it is our mission to offer you support in your role as a Future of Work Leader, we want to point you to actual solutions that we believe could be a potential good fit.

That is why we invited three third-party suppliers that are ahead of the curve to present their solutions for the following three challenges we know our members face:

Challenge 1: Building a great team culture and decreasing employee loneliness


Challenge 2: Finding solutions for workplace and office strategies that support a more mobile, distributed workforce


Challenge 3: Equal social security for a global and more distributed workforce. 


Each company had a 30 minute time slot where they presented their solution to a panel of Senior Business Leaders that gave their feedback and asked the questions that are important for our members.

We loved all three presentations – and even we already had preselected these companies based on our vision that they are good; the 30 min presentation and Q&A gave us an even better understanding about the product and it functions, and we left the event only more convinced of the value these solutions offer.

Below we will give you a short recap:

Overview of the presentations:


The first company presenting their solution is SafetyWing – a company that is really ahead of the curve and fills the gap that traditional insurance companies leave when it comes to the developments towards a global and more mobile workforce.

With their Global Health Insurance , companies can now offer an equal health insurance to all employees and contractors, even if they live or travel in other countries. This way, hiring abroad, or supporting your employees to travel and have access to high-quality health care has now become possible.

What we all loved is the simplicity of the product and the equality it will bring to your workforce. SafetyWing has very high client satisfaction rates and and offer great customer service. The insurance is easy to manage and offers a lot of flexibility in setting up.

Safetywing, although a young company, partners with a traditional large insurance company, making them a reliable partner to trust your employee’s health insurance to.

Towards the end of the year, SafetyWing will also offer a virtual doctor and a modern day pension plan.

In short – a solution to look into now many traditional insurances no longer meet the needs of the modern organisation.

(Interested? Using this link will give you, as a subscriber of Hello Monday Club Community, a 5% discount for 1 year.)

Let’s Dive

One of the main challenges companies face right now, is online teambuilding and supporting with loneliness and lack of social interaction in the workforce.

Let’s Dive is a solution that helps with building a culture of interaction, trust and comfort by offering a platform where employees can meet outside the formal structures. It supports one-on-one’s, coffee meet-ups, social activities and more…

As Greg pointed out, organising some of these activities to encourage team building and reducing loneliness cost a lot of time – this solution would take that of his plate and facilitate team leads with this challenge.

We really loved it and if you are looking for a solution in this area, we recommend to check out this product.


After our amazing learning session with on of the founders of Upflex about hybrid office strategies and workplace solutions, we were so convinced that they offer a solution that companies need right now that we also invited them for a more in-depth product presentation.

And we were not disappointed. Upflex offers easy accessible office-space on demand, but much more. They are truly a real-estate partner supporting you with tailor-made workplace solutions and cost-savings. Not only can you give individual employees access to office space around the world, they support with setting up Hubs for your larger workforce, and even can optimise the use of your own office space.

Greg, our tech panel lists, was satisfied with the level of privacy and security and the user interface. Angelique has known Upflex for a longer time and used it herself – and strongly believes that these kind of solutions are the way forward for larger companies that face a lot of challenges in this area in the next decade. We also loved how complete the solution is – and how it basically covers all you’d need as an employee and employer.

Are you interested in any of these solutions?

We have recorded the full presentations and these will be available for our members.

(photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash)