Product Demo: Building a Culture with Trust and Engagement with Let’s Dive

Building a Culture with Trust and Engagement with Let’s Dive


There is a lot to building cultures of high trust and engagement.Great culture can never be achieved by implementing a tool and then hoping for the best.

It takes deliberate intention, empathy, self-reflection, consistency, awareness, leadership, understanding of social constructs and, well, we could probably list a few more.

On the flip side, we need to realise that building a great company culture does require a tech tool to enable it.

This has obviously become critical in this new era where people are less time spending in the same place at the same time.

Our deliberate efforts to build our desired culture need to include h a suitable and user friendly tool, enabling management and teams to make real connections, have social interactions and improve employee experience.

What we often see happening is that organisations are using the existing communication and collaboration tools to host social activities and create engagement , such as Slack, Zoom en Teams.

But how about a separate tool to create a social space where your employees can interact and socialise?

A tool that is designed for this purpose and takes your employees away from their normal virtual working environment?

(Friday Afternoon meetups in Teams are just a bit less fun, aren’t they?)

Well our friends at Let’s Dive  have developed a great solution and we were pretty impressed when we saw the Product Demo they made for Hello Monday Club.

Check out the Product Demo in the video below here and make sure to check their website as well to find out what new features they released since then.

Watch the Product Demo of Let’s Dive
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